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How did the Ford Mustang get it's name?

A. Wild Horse

B. WWII Fighter Plane

C. Song

D. Play on words for Horsepower

B. WWI Fighter Plane

Harley Earl introduced what feature to the Cadillac in 1948?

A. Wheel Wells

B. Radio

C. Blinkers

D. Tail Fins

E. Side Mirrors

D. Tail Fins

What year was the Chevrolet Corvette first introduced?

A. 1963

B. 1953

C. 1943

D. 1973

B. 1953

The inventor of cruise control was...

A. 12-Year-Old child

B. Homeless Man

C. Robot

D. Blind Man

D. Blind Man

What car sold more than one million units in 1965, setting a record which still to this date is the highest annual sales volume ever achieved by a single model in the US?

A. Buick Wildcat
B. Pontiac GTO
C. Chevrolet Impala
D. Ford Thunderbird

C. Chevrolet Impala

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